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    • Posted by Vadood Khosroshahi on Friday, December 28th, 2012
    Look around you in any crowded area like a mall, a bar, a restaurant or even a busy Doctors office and what do you see? Mobile phones. They’re everywhere, literally. Nearly 50% of all Americans now have a mobile ‘smart phone’ and they take them everywhere they go, accessing the internet and searching for what they need from everywhere they are. Literally. Even more astonishing are the results of a recently released study which said that, in 2013, the number of people using their mobile smartphones to access the internet will become larger than the amount of people using a computer or laptop to do the same thing. Yes, mobile is taking over the internet.


    The simple fact is this; the Mobile Revolution isn’t coming, it’s already here. The question for you as a business owner is just as simple; when are you going to finally join the revolution and make your website Mobile Friendly? Guess what? If a person lands on your website while using their mobile smartphone to surf the internet and it isn’t Mobile friendly there’s a 63% chance that they’re going to do ONE thing; LEAVE. You see, when a regular old website is viewed on the small screen of a mobile the user can’t see the entire webpage, only a small part of it. That means a lot of time wasted scrolling around with their fingers on a tiny screen. Guess what? People really seem to hate that! They hate it even more if they’re hungry and can’t find the hours or address to your restaurant or bar. The reason is because scrolling wastes their valuable time and, if they have clumsy fingers, gets them frustrated. (Maybe you’ve been there yourself?) So, instead of scrolling around and getting irritated because they can’t find what they’re looking for they leave and look for another website. You may have the best product, service, menu and price but that doesn’t matter because they…just…left. If you had a mobile friendly website however they would be able to see the entire 1st page of your website and all the important info like your address, hours, phone number and, if you’re a restaurant, get easy access to your menu at the tap of an icon. And the fact that 50% of the population, including 50% of the people that live and work near your business, are carrying mobile smartphones and using them to search the web every single day means that it just makes good business sense to have a mobile friendly website for your business. If you’re ready to join the revolution please give us a call today. We have mobile friendly solutions for every business. Give us a call today at 647-971-9511 or complete our Free Quote Form Here to learn more and get mobile! Vadood Khosroshahi Related Topics Go Mobile Book, An Excellent Mobile Marketing Resource Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi All other Tablets and Tablet PC Kindle Fire FREE Apps Kindle eBooks Kindle Accessories

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