• Kindle Fire and Spotify Extend Their Mobile Music Reach!
    • Posted by Vadood Khosroshahi on Monday, August 13th, 2012

    Spotify announced on Tuesday, August 7th that their digital music service is now available to Kindle Fire users through the Amazon App service. This anticipated announcement has thrilled many Fire users with the ability to be able to listen to music through Spotify on their device. Although the app was available on mobile apps for other devices such as the iPhone and iPad; extending their reach to the Kindle Fire shows their interest in continuing to develop their mobile marketing presence.

    Easy Listening

    Great news for those who love to listen to their music on the go! Simply go to the Amazon App Store for Android and take advantage of the Kindle Fire free apps. With over a millions of tracks, simply select the songs you love and start listening. Consumers can create their own play lists and listen for free or choose to upgrade to the premium service for a small fee through Kindle Fire apps.

    Mobile Marketing Efforts

    When consumers use the Kindle Fire free app, it gives Spotify an additional boost in mobile app reach and marketing efforts. The new app has become a significant music contender in the mobile world. Allowing consumers to rate songs and share them with their friends keeps organic marketing strong with little or no additional cost. Check out their Facebook page, with over 2.9 followers, social media marketing has also increased their coverage. Consumers can share their favorite songs through their personal page.

    Streaming Music Options

    Kindle has given consumers many different options to listen and stream music on their device. Through the app store, consumers can take advantage of different music Kindle Fire apps as well as the Kindle Fire free apps. We do feel the need to share that the free app is only mobile when there is a Wi-Fi connection; purchase the premium service and you can listen to music offline. No different than other music apps such as Pandora, but still a vital tip to keep in mind.

    Amazon Gives Options

    Kindle consumers will continue to see upgrades and new apps added to its platform because of the continued increase in sales and usage. Now that, mobile developers see that the Fire is gaining momentum in the tablet world, they will be eager to take advantage of the Amazon platform.

    Whether the free, convert to paid marketing plan will work for this new and upcoming music service, has yet to be seen. What we do know is that more and more consumers are listening to their favorite songs on mobile devices, and Amazon Kindle Fire just gave them one more option!

    By Vadood khosroshahi

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